Our philosophy

The main idea is to create a good looking furniture from real materials that is localy produced, flat-packed and well constructed.

The construction is a learning process - because not everything can be easily flatpacked.

We would like to bring a bit of slow fashion to furniture industry. Create products that will last longer and you can bring them with you when moving without breaking them. Or something that won't get boring and maybe even your grandkids will appreciate.

So whats with the flatpacking? It has more then one reason - it is more economical to ship, and when you move house, you can just dissasamble it and it won't take as much space. And maybe even carry by yourself if you with and no friends are available to help (probably except the dining table desk though).

Last but not least - everything is produced localy in EU, by small businesses.

.. and something about me..

My name is Petra and I am the one behind Karlen furniture.

Furniture is something that I really love to design to perfection because it is something that surrounds us everyday and makes homes from our flats and houses.

Usually it starts with something that I need or would like to have in my flat. Then I make a prototype, thoroughly test it on myself, my friends or family. If I don't like it its off the table.

I try to work with real materials, real people and design things that makes sense (if I don't, please let me know, no hard feelings, we are all learning).

So far it is just me (the designer, the drafter, the prototype maker, the social media manager, the e-shop admin, the salesman, the photographer, production manager and more) and a bunch of very handy carpenters that love to work with wood. And I would like to keep it small and real.